Rumors abound in all areas of the Known Realms. They swirl through towns, arrive at docks with anchoring vessels, and languish in taverns. They beg for investigation by the dubious, brave, and foolhardy.

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1. Bloodthirsty humanoids—possibly goblins—have been spotted along the coast in increasingly large groups. Among their numbers, worgs and other larger humanoids have been spotted. Someone or something is thought to be driving them on to conquest. Some think the Bloodvane goblin tribe has emerged from the forest —— something rarely reported.
UPDATE: As suddenly as they appeared, these large bands of humanoids (hobgoblins?) have faded from view. But to where?

2. A caravan traveling the Sandrun [a long and popular trade route along the coast] was found sacked and its drovers missing. There was no blood or signs or struggle found at the scene.

3. A huge, terrifying creature has been spotted in the sky near the village of Southwatch. It is said to vaguely resemble a horse or lion with glowing eyes and tattered wings. Attempts to verify to existence of this nocturnal creature have met with failure, but the people of the coastal hamlets grow nervous. The Council of Southern Towns has offered a chest of six potions to anyone delivering the head of the beast.

4. A royal courier sent from Arvale City to Hath Hall is now several days overdue and is presumed missing or worse, as his route skirted the edge of Ferahn Forest. The Theocrats have offered 700 gp for solid information as to his whereabouts. Adventurers returning the courier alive and whole are also promised an adventuring charter (which offers benefits within the Theocracy of the Lance).

5. Perytons, thought long extinct in the Northlands, have been encountered twice recently —– by a traveling merchant (who lost his bodyguard to the beast and barely escaped) and by the Company of the Raven, an adventuring band. At least two of the beasts were spotted by the Company (who have reportedly moved on toward Rockport).

6. A sage in Tarrasine was found murdered and his apartment ransacked, the second such murder this year. An unusual black feather was found at the scene, but little else in the way of clues. Other sages have taken to hiring protection or purchasing guard dogs. It is said Taraghan of Southwatch and Elbarr of Rockport are actively seeking bodyguards and neither has left their residence recently.
UPDATE: Taraghan of Southwatch has also been stricken down by the mysterious assassin or assassins. A band of adventurers arrived in Southwatch that same night and were suspected of the crime, but it appears that other parties were responsible. A dead birdman was discovered nearby the crime scene and this same band of adventurers vowed to bring the true culprits to justice.

7. A mortally wounded hireling staggered into an inn in Ashwood Falls, claiming to be the last survivor from an expedition deep into Ferahn. He told of an extensive cave lair containing a dragon skeleton, great riches, and a magical blade that burned with ebon fire and gave glimpses of the future in the flames. He also reported horrors: forest humanoids, magical spirit guardians, fell traps, and a great snake-like beast that tore his already-diminished group apart. His utterings would have come under greater scrutiny had he not offered up an emerald the size of a sparrow egg.

Some conjecture that his party and the so-called Band of Outcasts, an adventuring company from Crieste, might be one and the same; the Band was last reported to be arming for an extended expedition in Ferahn soon after acquiring an antique map from a Freeport merchant captain.

8. A traveling band of oddly mixed company has been spotted in the Southwatch area, their intent unknown.

9. Debbin’s point, a scenic view known as a lover’s tryst location and favored campsite for traveling bands, has collapsed into the ocean. Cause unknown. Natural erosion?


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