Southwatch is a large village looming over the ocean on a natural peninsula. South of the village are several rock islands, named the Little Sisters, and a larger spur of rock called Southpoint. Southpoint is known to many as a safe haven along a humanoid-infested area of coastline, but rumors of pirates, smugglers, hidden crypts, and hidden treasure have always swirled about the place.

For a coastal village, Southwatch has relatively few docks. Some tiny fishing vessels still operate and dock at the rickety wharf far below the village. More citizens make livings in supply-related of goods-related endeavors, purchasing and reselling fish or bait, crafting supplies for ships, brewing liquors, selling trinkets to travelers, or supplying travelers with horses. There is also a sizable glassworks in town well known for the craftsmanship of its glasshandlers. Circling the village are crumbling walls — relics of a much earlier time when the village served as an armed watchpoint (and even then the walls had been built upon earlier tribal structures).

A single inn and one small tavern welcome visitors, but the citizens of Southwatch are a generally friendly lot that value hard work over political intrigue. In years past, more than one adventuring band has called Southwatch home … until meeting their fate elsewhere.

The waters south of the village have always been dangerous to ships, doubly so since the lighthouse on Southpoint went abandoned. The remains of at least sixteen large ships litter the ocean floor beyond the Little Sisters. Stories, of course, hold that great treasures lie but a short distance from the coast.


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